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"One of the most overlooked areas in cleaning and sterilizing is tubing. Make sure you sanitize your tubing at least every cycle to prevent contamination!"

"Aero cloners are susceptible to root rot. Maintaining a steady temperature, pH level, and proper cloner preparation are good methods of prevention."

"Difficulty with root circling in your pots? Not sure if you are overwatering your container-grown plants? Superoots Air-Pots can help!"

"Ladybugs are nature's indoor and outdoor solution to common garden pests. They eliminate your need for harsh chemicals that can make plants and even people sick."

"If you have had any type of mold problem make sure you spray down all of your walls and surfaces with a 50/50 mixture of water and rubbing alchohol and let it air dry."

"Mycorrhizae is pronounced "MY-CORE-RYE-ZEE"."

"New pH meters should be calibrated before using. Never trust that the meter is calibrated correctly from the factory."

"Recalibrate your meters at least monthly to ensure accurate pH and PPM readings."

"Never store or test your pH or PPM meters in RO water. The ionless RO water will suck the ions right out of your probe!"

"Instead of buying 3% Hydrogen Peroxide from a drug store give Nutrilife H2O2 a try, at 29% concentration a bottle lasts longer!"

"When using a digital ballast try not to underpower grow light bulbs too much (ie. 1000w @ 600w), instead get a lower wattage bulb to run at the lower setting."

"Got Thrips? Looks for sprays with Spinosad - they work the best! Spinosad can also be used during flowering!"

"If you are using a Co2 Tank or generator you can keep a pack of Green Pads on hand for emergency Co2 if your Co2 setup goes down."

"Are you having issues maintaining pH and/or have temperature issues in your hydroponic system? Try running a zyme product to help maintain your reservoir and fight off bad bacteria."

"Root root got your pH down? Try running hygrogen peroxide (H2O2) to kill bacteria without harming your plants."

"Got Gnats in your soil? Try Diatomaceous Earth or Growstone Gnat Nix as a top layer to shred their soft little bodies."

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