Why Hydro Nutrients Can Cost More


Why Hydro Nutrients Can Cost More

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT:  Cheap nutrients could mean a lack of research and development. This can lead to unpredictable results and poor yields. Higher prices can be a hallmark of the time and money that went into producing a quality, tested product that will give you the best possible hydro plants.

A BETTER PRODUCT GIVES YOU MORE FOR YOUR MONEY:  Trying to play catch up after starting an improperly balanced nutrient solution can end up costing a lot more, in the long run. If the cheaper nutrients are diluted or not properly balanced, a grower can be forced to use more, buy more, and spend more than the more expensive nutrients would have cost in the first place.

PROPER BALANCE LEADS TO BETTER YIELDS:  One of the great things about growing hydroponically is the greater yields it can produce. If the NPK ratio of the nutrient solution isn’t well balanced, however, the plants can’t reach their potential. Less yield means less bang for your buck!

CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND PRODUCT INFORMATION:  Nutrient manufacturers should stand behind their products. They should provide detailed use information (“feeding schedules”) and provide phone and/or email contact information for customers to ask questions after they’ve purchased. If this information isn’t available, it’s a good indication that the manufacturer doesn’t care if customers have problems with their products, and that’s never good.

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