Grow Light Ballast Backup Kit


Grow Light Ballast Backup Kit

What do you do when your HID grow light ballast fails, or the bulb fails? What's you backup plan? If you haven't thought it out yet, now is a good time. 

Ballast and bulbs fail for many reasons, power surges, defects, or just plain old age (they won't last forever). Having a backup plan is necessary if you're serious about your garden. If your bulb fails you usually aren't too bad off, replacements are relatively cheap and often growers have more than one bulb at a time. It might be the wrong spectrum but some light it better than no light until you can get a replacement.

The big issue is if your ballast fails. Do you have a spare ballast to use as a backup? Many growers don't, and this can be a big issue. Don't be angry at the bulb or ballast manufacturer or the store who sold it to you, be mad that you didn't have a backup plan. Even the best brand on the market can still have a failure, and in the case of events like power surges or other electrical issues it may not even be the ballasts fault but your power system. So what's your backup plan?


Have a backup plan

If you don't have a backup plan getting one can be a lot cheaper than you think. You don't necessarily have to buy a spare ballast. I know, I know, you're thinking - how am I going to be able light my garden without a ballast? Well, we've come up with an easy and affordable solution - Our Grow Light Ballast Backup Kit. Simply unplug your bad ballast and replace your HID bulb in the reflector with the 125w CFL bulb, attach the 120v adapter to your reflector cord and you've got a working grow light! Now available in both grow and bloom versions. This will keep your plants on their light cycle and help prevent plant stress from light cycle changes.

The 125w may not as powerful as your HID light but it'll get you by until you can get your HID grow light setup back up and running. For the 400w and under lighting systems the 125w won't be too big of a light intensity change, but if you're running 600w or 1000w you'll want to get a replacement sooner rather than later to keep your garden on track. Keep the plants stress free and the grow going with our grow light ballast backup kit!

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