What's the Best Grow Tent?


What's the Best Grow Tent?

Shopping for grow tents is getting pretty difficult these days. New brands pop up every week it seems like and those oh so enticing cheap grow tents on the evil A-Z are just oh so crappy. So what's a grower going to do? Wade through a sea of searches, forum threads, and reviews? Now you've spent hours and are no further along than before. In fact, you're probably even more unsure than ever before.


So what's the best grow tent?

Hands down the best grow tent on the market in 2016 are the Gorilla Grow Tents. If you have the money don't even bother wasting time researching, we've done it for you. If their flagship line is a little too costly, their LITE line of grow tents is the best mid-grade grow tent overall.


What about the other brands of grow tents?

There are plenty of <<insert brand name>> bargain tents out there. If the price is cheap, that's because the tent is cheap. I'm pretty sure we're past the wave of toxic tents that killed peoples plants a few years back, so that's a plus I guess.... When you pay $100 for a 4x4 grow tent what do you think you're buying? They're fine if you know what you are buying but don't expect too much. 

There are some good brands out there, like Secret Jardin for example. They make a decent tent and have quite a few interesting specialty models and sizes, though their customer service sucks. But that's why you buy from us! Got an issue? Just let us know! Don't contact them though, we don't even get a reply. 


Final Verdict

So who makes the best grow tent? Gorilla Grow Tents hands down. Not only do they make some of the best grow tents, their customer service if you need to contact them directly is top notch. If you shop through Rogue Hydro you won't need to deal directly with manufacturers though, all issues and warranties can be handled through us!

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