How Valuable is Your Grow Light Ballast Warranty, Really?


How Much is your Grow Light Ballast Warranty Really Worth? 

One of the important features many growers look for when shopping for a ballast is a warranty. Cheaper or economy models of grow light ballasts may have shorter warranties, like 1 year. High quality brands will usually offer 3-5 year warranties. But what happens if the ballast brand goes out of business?

We've seen it with several companies over the years. They come in and get popular, everyone buys one, and then suddenly the company disappears. Or they are still kind-of-operating where they have a website and a voicemail box but never return calls or emails (true story). Then the stores stop taking the ballasts because they can't return them anymore and tell you to contact the now defunct ballast company to replace it. But it never gets replaced...


Your warranty is only as good as the store you bought it from.

So now you're stuck with a broken ballast. Most stores will tell you to contact the manufacturer to return it under warranty since they no longer can warranty the ballast. But if you chose a premium shop like ours you don't have to worry about that. If you bought your grow light ballast from your friendly staff here at Rogue Hydro we'll replace it with a comparable model. Swap it in store or ship it to us and we'll ship the replacement to you. That just one of the benefits of shopping with us and being a Rogue Rewards member. Join today for free. After all, there's no predicting the future and we've got you covered. 

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