Why Not to Buy Your Grow Gear on Amazon


Why Not to Buy Your Grow Gear on Amazon

What are you really getting when you buy your garden supplies from Amazon? (And what you're not getting!)

A lot of growers buy their growing supplies from Amazon. Heck, a lot of people buy a lot of things from them. When buying directly from Amazon, you typically get a great price and fast shipping. But what's the trade-off? 


How Old is the Product?

Due to the amount of customers that buy from Amazon a lot of stores will put their items up when they want to move that product quickly. This is often due to old stock for products that eventually go bad or a new version of hardware is now available. When buying products on their site you never know exactly what you're getting besides New vs. Used. It may be new, but how old is that bottle of nutrients and what version of is it?


Is your Product Warranty Being Voided? 

In the past couple of years more and more products are now available directly from the Big A. However, many of the product brands being sold by them aren't be sold TO them from the brands. Many of these brands aren't even aware that they are selling their products or where they are coming from; and this is where the issue is. The Big A is not an authorized reseller for these products, and the supplier supplying them isn't authorized to distribute the products for resale. 

Why does this matter? Because what happens if your item goes bad and needs to be replaced under warranty? For a certain period of time you might be able to return it as defective. If you throw a fit we've seen people return items to them after a couple of years. However, what about that ballast with the 5 year warranty or the Vortex fan with the 10 warranty? Do you really think you'll be able to return it to them after that many years? If you asked they would tell you to contact the manufacturer. And guess what? In this industry many of the manufacturers don't handle warrantees directly but through the retailers instead. And if you are able to have the product replaced under warranty directly through the manufacturer, they may not replace it as the warranty is void by purchasing from an unauthorized retailer. 


How do they get grey market goods?

A retailer sells the goods to them as a "supplier" or manufacturer. However, the retailer is neither a manufacturer or authorized to re-sell the products to another business to resell. Many distributors will often put a clause in the agreements strictly prohibiting resale for others to sell. Unfortunately the distributors and manufacturers haven't really been cracking down on this much so far. 


Buy from a Hydro Store

Be confident in your purchase by buying from an authorizer reseller like a hydro store. If you don't buy from us, buy from a local hydro store directly. Even if it costs a few bucks more you'll have the reassurance that it is from an authorized dealer and fully covered if something goes wrong. You can also get growing advice that the outsource support at these big companies can't. Besides that, you should support small businesses more than you do large corporations, and in the case of hydro stores it is an all around better experience.  

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