Why A Secret Jardin Grow Tent Is Better Than A Knock-Off Model


Why A Secret Jardin Grow Tent Is Better Than A Knock-Off Model

Yesterday we heard a loud CRRRAAAASH! from the basement where we have our testing setup. We had a cheap grow tent from Amazon that we were testing out just to see how it stands up. We all thought that one day it would come crashing down but we waited to see.  Needless to say it was the cheap grow tent that came crashing down. The lighting slammed down on top of the plants and did quite a bit of damage.

It was a 4x4 grow tent and we had about 50 lbs of lights hanging. Tents this size are supposed to take at least 50 lbs. The piece that failed was the plastic corner. All I did yesterday was adjust one of the lights a couple hours before this happened. So how did this tent test out? FAIL! Stick with our Secret Jardin grow tents and you'll be in good shape.  P.S. Oh and if any Chinese/Taiwanese manufacturers happen to read this before trying to contact us - NO WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR JUNK. 

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