Where To Buy Seeds


Where To Buy Seeds

We all need to get our seeds from somewhere, but where is the best place to buy them? Seeds from your local stores can be quite expensive when you are buying many and variety is often limited. Aside from getting some seeds from a friend's harvest the only alternative is the internet. Buying seeds on the internet can be overwhelming at first with all of the different seed suppliers and brand names. Some brands are better than others but overall, if you have heard of it or are able to find info on other sites or forums then you are in good shape.

Sometimes sites like Amazon will have reviews too. Shop around for the type of plant you are looking for and when you find a brand that interests you take a few minutes to do a search. Although forums provide great input from other buyers do not put too much stock in it unless you can verify it in multiple threads - This also applies to just about everything else you buy too. You may find that places like eBay have a large selection of seeds and even have sections for rare hard to find seeds. Be very careful when buying on eBay and do not trust the feedback. Too many times people will leave feedback before they have even sprouted the seeds. Rarely, if ever, do people wait the full growth and harvest of the plant to leave feedback. Most of the time it is too late to leave feedback if you wait the full plant cycle. All the feedback does is prove that the seeds arrived and whether they were broken, sometimes you might find information on whether or not they germinated. Be very careful of the seeds labeled as "rare" or "exquisite", they are often rare for a reason!

Plants labeled rare and exotic are often invasive species. If it is rare vegetable seeds there is often a chance it is rare because it tastes bad. You also need to make sure there is a scientific name given and are able to verify by Googling it. You never know if the "fruit" seeds you bought are really an inedible ornamental type plant. We grew a "rare" pepper plant that produced the most horrid tasting peppers ever. Who knows, they could have even been poisonous if we didn't spit them out! Beware of the "survival" and bulk seed kits. Hundreds or thousands of seeds for a quarter of the price sounds great, but again, there is often a reason. We have tried one of these survival kits before and were not impressed. The seed counts were far off from the advertised amounts; for example, a thousand seeds would really be a couple of hundred.

On top of that the genetics aren't very good. We had some cucumbers that produced very undesirably tough skin. Who even knows where they get their seeds from! Your best bet is to buy at your local stores. They may be pricey but you at least know the final quality of your produce will be good. Often times you can find them at discounted prices at the end of seasons. When you spend months growing plants you don't want to risk a bad harvest! Rogue Hydro is proud to sell Renee's Garden seeds. All non-GMO, Renee's Garden provides premium results and has many heirloom and organic varieties, as well. 

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