X Nutrients Silica Review


X Nutrients Silica Review

X Nutrients recently released added a new product called "X Nutrients Silica". While their product line was already pretty good the silica really helps bolster the line. Don't let brand name loyalty keep you from trying it though, X Nutrients Silica is a perfect product to any nutrient line for some added silica. X Nutrients derives their X Nutrients Silicasilica from straight Potassium Silicate, unlike some of the competition who also use Sodium Silicate. X Nutrients Silica has a NPK of 0-0-5 and is used at a rate of 5 mL per gallon for hydroponics and 1-2.5 mL per gallon for soil, coco and other mediums. If you're in hydro you'll get a little over 189 gallons out of a quart, so if you are changing 40 gallon reservoirs weekly you may want to go with the gallon size.

For those of you that do not know much about adding silica as a supplement I will be happy to fill you in. One of the important benefits of adding silica to your plant nutrients is that it strengthens and thickens the cell walls of the plant. Not only do you get thick stems but your plants will be less prone to breakages. In indoor gardening there is not always a lot of room to move around and broken branches do happen. Adding silica will help make this less likely to happen, or at least I have found that to be the case with my gardens.  Silica also helps plants resist stresses such as heat or cold and over-watering or under-watering. Along with those benefits silica helps plants withstand attack by bugs or fungus. Although silica will not make your plants impervious to pests and disease every little bit helps. 

Have I mentioned silica helps your plants hold up their own weight much better? If you have ever had a plant break under its own weight you need to pick up some silica!   All around X Nutrients Silica is a solid product from a great company. Right now we have the quarts priced at $13.99 and gallons at $34.99 - all with free shipping if you are in the contiguous U.S. Even if you don't choose X Nutrients Silica please add some type of silica supplement to your garden! 

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