Information on New Superoots Air Pot Sizes


Information on New Superoots Air Pot Sizes

At the end of last year the Air Pots for the U.S. changed to new sizes. I'm sure a lot of growers will now be a little confused so we'll try and help you through the change. The sizes are now consolidated, for example, there is no longer a 12.5 liter (3.4 gallon) and 17.5 liter (4.6 gallon) which both have a green base. Instead, we now have the 5 gallon equivalent size, only one size for the green base. While the 5 gallon equivalent only holds 3.6 gallons with the base in the normal position, the yields should be equivalent (most likely better) than a 5 gallon nursery pot. So for less medium you get better results! The 1 liter size was kept but it is called a propagation cell.

The new Air Pot sizes we currently carry are:

Propagation Cell .3 gallon - small black base, same as the old 1 liter Air Pot.

1 Gallon Equivalent - Orange base, pretty much the same as the old 3 liter Air Pot.

2 Gallon Equivalent - Red base, shorter than the old 5 liter Air Pot but taller than the 4 liter.

3 Gallon Equivalent - Yellow base, taller than 7.5 liter Air Pot but shorter than 9 liter Air Pot.

5 Gallon Equivalent - Green base, slightly taller than 12.5 liter Air Pot but shorter than 17.5 liter Air Pot.

7 Gallon Equivalent - Blue base, slightly taller than 20 liter Air Pot but shorter than 25 liter Air Pot.

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