Diary of a Gardening Novice - Part 1


Diary of a Gardening Novice

Today I decided I am going to start an herb garden. Having worked in an indoor gardening and hydroponic supply store for several months now, and having lived with the owner of said store since its founding, you’d think this would be a simple, if long overdue, venture. And you would be right. However, you are unfamiliar with my history of horticultural man slaughter. I am not a “gardener.” Neither of my thumbs have even the slightest green pigmentation. Basically, I can’t keep plants alive! My husband has tried, as did my mother and grandmother before him. They all coached me in the ways of discretionary watering and proper sun exposure. Still, I have managed to (unintentionally!) kill every plant for which I have been the sole caretaker.

All that ends now!!! Having the finest gardening supplies at my fingertips has bolstered my confidence, and as I set out on this adventure, I want to take you along for the ride. Tell me what I’m doing wrong and (if anything) what I’m doing right. Send me words of encouragement or snide criticisms. Whatever you wish! I fully plan to be using home-grown fresh herbs for my culinary creations within the month, and I will keep you informed every step of the way, starting with today and my pillaging of the supply “shed.”


  • Seeds: I’m starting out nice and easy. I will be using Renee’s Garden Slow-Bolt Cilantro, True Greek Oregano, Fine Leaf Chives, and Scented Basil Trio. I’m also throwing in a Gourmet Cat Treats Mixed Greens (also Renee’s Garden) because we just got a kitten. She’s adorable, but that’s beside the point.
  • Medium/Container: Because I need simple, I’m using a Root Riot starter tray. Basically, it’s got the medium (peat cubes) and the tray in one package. See! Simple. I’m adding a Sunleaves Humidity Dome to protect my little babies.
  • Markers: Sunleaves Super Starter 6” Plant Labels will mark the rows. I’m kind of into organization. It drives me crazy when things are all over the place (one of the reasons my husband hired me to work in his store), so these labels will help keep me sane.
And, that’s it (for now). That’s how my adventure begins. Easy enough, right? We’ll see. My husband assures me that it’s not terribly difficult to grow plants with a little knowhow, for which I will rely on him. Wish me luck! P.S. If you want to send me your thoughts, advice, etc., email me at susan@roguehydro.com.

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  • sdd3476

    Good luck!

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