Diary of a Gardening Novice - Part 2


Diary of a Gardening Novice (Part 2)

It’s been one week since I started my herb garden. There is a little bit of greenery poking through (see pictures below), so I’ve added a few products to help them along.



So far, everything except the chives has poked up. Those are supposed to take 2-3 weeks to show, so I’m not worried, yet. The tall ones in the back row of the pictures are the cat treats. Those are going to start getting transplanted to a nursery pot next week, since they’re growing so much faster than the rest. I’ll probably take them home to my kitten next week. I was surprised at the ease of setting all this up with the availability of all these products. Still, I wouldn’t know how to use most of them if not for my husband and my acquired, but still meager, on-the-job knowledge. So far, so good. More to come next week. P.S. Just like last week, if you want to send me your thoughts, advice, etc., email me at susan@roguehydro.com.

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  • Susan Davis
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