Diary of a Novice Gardener - Part 3


Diary of a Novice Gardener - Part 3

Week 3, and time to transplant some of my babies. The kitten, who my son has now named Heidi due to her amazing ability to hide (so maybe it should be “Hide-y”), seems to like the cat treats (pictures below). Those were transplanted mid-week because they got big really fast.  

 cat treat grass cat

  So, here is the list of materials for this week:
  • Pots: One 1-gallon nursery pot and one 2-gallon nursery pot for the cat treats. The one the kitten it playing with is the 2-gallon. These are the standard pots you’d see in any nursery; durable and cheap, so good for the cat to play with. I used twenty-three (23) .3-gallon Air-Pots by Superoots (also called Propagation Air-Pots) for my herbs. I will need more once the rest of the greenery pokes through (cilantro and chives). These pots increase air circulation around the roots of your plants, so the growing time is reduced.
  • Soil: I used Foxfarms Ocean Forest Potting Soil. Now, I grew up in Humboldt County, CA, literally a 10-minute drive from the Avenue of the Giants (redwood trees). This stuff smells just like walking through the Avenue. My husband says it’s really good soil, too.
  • Tray: Three Sunleaves Propagation Trays will be used to hold in the mess and moisture. While the Air-Pots are great for air circulation, they tend to leak dirt and water.
  • Grow Tent: I’m putting my garden into a Secret Jardin DR240. This tent is way too big for my purposes, but it’s our “shop tent,” for displaying growing systems, so it’s what I get to use. Please note that there are other, smaller, options for grow tents available on our website (http://www.roguehydro.com/tents/).
  • Light:  I’m using a Sunleaves Lightwave HID Reflector with a Hortilux 400 watt Metal Halide grow lamp. The Lightwave diffuses light evenly, without hot spots, and the Hortilux lamp is meant for enclosed and aggressive vegetative growing. With these, I’m using a Lumatek Air-Cooled 1000 watt electronic ballast. While it does go to 1000w it also operates on 400w and 600w, making it a very versatile ballast. Now, I get to use these expensive toys because my husband owns a hydroponics supply business. There absolutely are cheaper options for indoor growing. Sunleaves offers the more economical Optilume 400 watt Metal Halide lamp and the Simple Two-Way 400 watt ballast.
So, the herbs that are peaking over the top of the peat cubes were taken out of the Root Riot propagation tray and put into the .3-gallon Air-Pots. One tidbit I learned -- because these pots have holes all over them, you have to pack the soil into the bottom and sides before transplanting. The outcome is pictured below.  

Nursery Pots

  As not all of the cilantro and none of the chives have poked through the top of the peat cubes, they are still in the propagation tray with the humidity dome. You can just see the edge of that at the bottom of the picture above. So, an update with more pictures will be coming soon. As always, email me at susan@roguehydro.com with comments.

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