Diary of a Novice Gardener - Part 4



Diary of a Novice Gardener - Part 4

It’s been a few weeks since the last installment. I’ve been giving the plants some time to grow, practicing the patience that I’ve been told is so important as a gardener. Still, a few new items have come into use in the past weeks:
  • Watering: The Gro1 64 ounce hand sprayer has been helping me with watering. While this isn’t exactly a necessary item, one element of this project was to familiarize me with store inventory, so I wanted to try it out. This sprayer seems to help me NOT overwater (which has been a pitfall for me in the past). The sprayer works well when small pots like the propagation Air-Pots are used, but it won't work well with watering large containers. It also works well as a foliar feed sprayer.
  • Nutrients: I added in SNS 604A by Sierra Natural Science. This is a hydroponic and soil supplement made of organic kelp and plant extracts. I just mixed it into the water and sprayed it down into the roots. According to the company’s website, SNS 604A will “encourage beneficial microbial activity in the root zone” and “your plants with increase in flavor, yield and color!” Here’s hoping.
  • Saucer: There is one extra plant that won’t fit into the propagation trays, so I set it in a 6” clear vinyl saucer. There’s nothing fancy about this; it’s purely functional.
That’s pretty much all that’s been added to the process. A few more babies moved into .3-gallon Air-Pots (cilantro), but the chives still haven’t popped up, so they’re still in the Root Riot starter tray. I’ll admit, I’m starting to get a little worried about the chives. We also sewed seeds into a one gallon nursery pot but they have not started popping up yet either. My husband says to keep the faith and remember to be patient. I’m trying. Latest picture below (leaves look lighter due to lighting):

Plants in Air Pots

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