Free Garden Resources


Free Garden Resources

The Internet is such a vast space of almost infinite amounts of information available at the push of a button. Unfortunately it can be hard to dig through to find the good stuff! Below is a forever-growing list of free garden resources available for gardeners.  


Grodan's Hydroponics 101: Grodan has created a very useful site with information focusing on hydroponics with rockwool. The site is more tailored towards families and kids but can be useful for anybody!

Cornell University Vegetable MD Online: Old-school website but contains a lot of information about deficiencies, pests and diseases and how to deal with these issues.

BBC Gardening: Who would have known that the BBC would have an extensive page about gardening? The webpage, although no longer updated, contains a vast amount of information on identifying plant diseases and pests.



Garden & Greenhouse: Garden & Greenhouse is a great free print magazine that is mailed directly to your address. Just print and fill out their subscription form to subscribe! Also many great articles and resources available on their website.

Maximum Yield: Maximum Yield is another great free resource for gardeners, indoor gardening especially. Unfortunately they do not mail direct for free. Stores do often have copies, and we do ship them out with orders when we have them available, but it can be hard to get a new issue right when it comes out. Often stores just have a stack of old copies. However, you can view their digital edition for free through their website.  


Internet Radio:

DFZRadio: DFZRadio is a niche Internet Radio station with different live shows airing throughout the week. Originally they started out with Heavy T's Grow Show but have added other shows like A Girl and A Garden, Grow with Grubbycup, as well as others. Lots of great information available on these shows and past episodes can be downloaded from their archive. You can either watch the show through the video stream or just stick to audio if you're multi-tasking. Oh, did we mention they give away prizes?  


Phone Apps:

StumbleUpon: Set up categories you want to browse, like Gardening, and press Stumble! Don't like the page that loads? Just push it again! StumbleUpon is a quick and easy way to go through content quickly. Get StumbleUpon for Android or iOS. Also available as a browser plugin.     Last Updated 8/19/14. If you know of a good garden resource site let us know in the comments below!

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