Superoots Air Pots


Superoots Air Pots

Air pots are an innovative plant container that works by stopping the root tip at the wall, forcing root branching instead of encouraging circling roots. The pots’ configured holes form root-directing channels that aid in healthy growth and development. The Superoots Air-Pot™ Container can be your indoor gardening best friend as it is a recyclable, reusable growing system that will strongly enhance the quality of your plants. The Air-Pot produces a remarkable non-spiraling root system that no other growing container can achieve. Whether you choose to grow in soil or soilless mediums, the Air-Pot pushes the boundaries of your growing experience to a place you never thought it could go. By just changing the pots you use to grow now to the Air-Pot, you will be benefiting from:

  • Improved root development
  • Improved oxygenation
  • Improved nutrient uptake
  • Improved plant quality
  • Reduced crop time
  • Reduced transplant shock
  • Faster growth rates
  • Healthier plants
  • Higher yields
  • Longer pot life

These Air Pots also make plant transfers way easier than ever before! Because the air pots prevent the roots from adhering to the pot edges, they are able to slide out easily when the plant is removed. There is no need for the plant to be cut away any longer. Experience a growing style like no other. Air-pots are green innovation and will help you contain your plants better than any other container. If you want to the perfect plant with easy access to roots for removal or transfer, the Superoots Air-Pot is the container you’ve been looking for. It has so much to offer a green thumb enthusiast.

Eliminate root circling. The 3D shape of the Air-Pot wall and endless air-pruning eliminates root circling and encourages the plant to grow a denser system of root hairs.

Reduce growing time. The rapid build-up of roots fills the root ball, reducing the growing time significantly which allows for the plants to be available for sale faster.

Double of stock. As long as water and the nutrient requirement is being taken care of, the root structure in the Air-Pot container just keeps getting better, which will double the life of your stock.

Ensure superior performance in extremes of weather. With continuous air flow, new root is always being made, particularly from the base of the stem. So the plant is significantly less vulnerable to extremes of cold and heat thanks to the air pot.

Reduce losses dramatically. Immediate re-establishment after transplant means that the losses greatly decrease and make the guarantee of stock a real possibility and a positive selling point for any plant. The Superoots Air-Pot is the perfect planting container and it has way more benefits than any other container you can find on the market right now. Make your planting life an easy and efficient one by switching over to the air-pot!

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