Building A Vertical Garden


Building A Vertical Garden

With warmer temperatures approaching, the desire to spend more time outside usually follows. One of our favorite ways for us to spend our time productively outside is gardening. With the change in seasons it’s time to awaken your green thumb. Whether you have ample room in a yard, or a small apartment balcony, you can create a vertical garden.

Why a vertical garden? With so many people turning to Pinterest for inspiration for almost everything in their life, vertical gardens have been able to make a comeback. Common among those who have a background in gardening; vertical gardens seem to be popping up everywhere. Pinterest has lead to lots of vertical gardens, because of the ongoing theme of recycling and reusing items that are cheap or free (think mason jars and pallets). If you have a free afternoon, an empty wall or fence, and access to a pallet, you’ll be able to create your own vertical garden in no time. I personally recommend growing a flower garden; other options include succulents or an herb garden.

Supplies: A pallet, plants, hammer, nails, planting soil, landscape fabric, a staple gun, staples, and sandpaper. *The sandpaper is optional, as it is to be used if your pallet is in poor condition and needs some TLC.

Building Process:

  • You’ll need to decide which side of the pallet will be the front. Once you have done so, you’ll need to begin covering and stapling the bottom, back, and sides with your two layers of landscape fabric.
  • Flip the pallet back over and begin filling it with soil. We recommend doing this as close to where you are going to display your pallet as possible.
  • Begin adding soil from the bottom of the pallet and working your way up one layer at a time. You’ll want to press firmly as you add the soil. The goal is to add enough soil so that once the pallet is moved, to be displayed vertically, the soil does not fall out. Once you had added enough soil and all of your plants, there should not be room for the soil to move around.
  • Water your masterpiece after you are done planting

The final and possibly most important step Leave your pallet in the horizontal position for at least five days (we recommend up to two weeks, but understand if you can’t wait that long to display your masterpiece). By allowing your plants to grow horizontally, the roots will be able to take.

Please remember to water your vertical pallet garden regularly, and to pay special attention to the plants on the bottom, as they may require extra water due to their location.

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