Helpful Hydroponic Resources


Helpful Hydroponic Resources

Although we consider ourselves to be something of hydroponic experts, we can always use a little help from our friends. Hydroponic gardening has taken off in recent years, and as a result, there is no end to amazing blogs and resources out there. Hydroponic gardening is really a community, and there is a ton to learn. Check out some of our favorite hydro gardening blogs. General Hydroponics loves to share their growing adventures and provide tips to hydroponic enthusiasts, but they also encourage comments and engagement with their content from viewers. Not only do they provide updates on their new products, new crops, and greenhouse projects, but they also focus heavily on their efforts to educate people all over the world on the benefits of hydroponic gardening.

For a blog that gives you warm fuzzy feelings, visit General Hydroponics to read about how this company gives back. PowerHouse Hydroponics An incredibly comprehensive and well-organized resource, Power House Hydroponics offers something for hydroponic newbies and old hats alike. Convenient sorting of articles by category in the top navigation is one of our favorite features as it allows the user to easily locate resources on specific topics.

All articles are full of beautiful photography that nicely complements the content and contain helpful diagrams that add visual aid to more complicated topics. For the “Reader’s Digest” type, PowerHouse Hydroponics also offers a category for lists, such as “13 Plants You Can Grow Hydroponically” and “4 Vertical Farms From Around the World.” Have something cool to share from your hydroponic adventures? Power House Hydroponics encourages community sharing of hydro systems and DIY projects. Botanicare The world of hydroponics can be a bit overwhelming with so much to learn – not just the new gardening techniques, but also the plethora of new vocabulary that comes with them. Start with Botanicare’s Hydro 101, in particular their hydroponic dictionary.

This resource is structured very simply, with no frills to distract you from extracting exactly what you need to move forward with your hydro projects. Full of straightforward how-tos, informative videos, and charts, Botanicare gets right to the point answering the most relevant hydro questions. As an added bonus, you can download Botanicare’s helpful Grow Guide in PDF form for free.

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