The Future Of Hydroponics


The Future Of Hydroponics

Ask an avid hydroponics enthusiast about the future of farming and they’ll tell you there is no question, the future is hydroponics. This method of indoor gardening by growing plants in water is the fastest growing sector of agriculture. However, those not familiar with it are less than familiar with the benefits and the future of this booming industry. Yes, it comes with a stigma, especially for those who do not support the legalization of marijuana. Hydroponics, however, has an impressive future in food production, space exploration, and marijuana legalization that will greatly affect society for the better.

Food Production With world population rapidly increasing and the amount of arable land scarily decreasing, it’s only plausible that new methods of food production need be addressed. Hydroponic farming and vertical farming are becoming the solutions to these problems. Hydroponics techniques produce a yield 1,000 times greater than the same sized area of land could produce annually. Hydroponics offers water conserving methods, improved space, year-round production capabilities, resistance to soil borne diseases and pests, and a solution to drought-weary places.

NASA One rather interesting finding from hydroponics is their influence on NASA and the future of space exploration. Hydroponics offers a way to adequately feed astronauts on longer missions out in space. With the ability to remove toxic carbon dioxide from the air inside their spacecraft and provide life-sustaining oxygen, hydroponics is greatly affecting the future of space findings. NASA will research the capabilities of growing safe, fresh produce in space through the natural growing processes.

Medical Marijuana With two states that have legalized recreational marijuana use and over twenty that have enacted laws to legalize medical marijuana, it is only a matter of time before the stigma has disappeared and the potential benefits of the plant continue to shine.  A significant amount of hydroponics equipment is purchased for growing marijuana. The automated growing systems make it easy for licensed medical marijuana growers to supply the drug for medical treatment to patients in need.

Gardening Aside from the benefits that hydroponic farming has on our earth, food production, space exploration, and medical issues, hydroponic gardening is also plain fun. It’s a new form of gardening that will continue to produce beautiful plants in the future. Gone are the days of laboring outside planting, weeding, and harvesting plants. Now and continuing into the future, people are enjoying a fast, effective, and downright more interesting way to cultivate fresh fruits, veggies, and flowers.

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  • Charles Davis
Comments 2
  • roguehydro

    It most definitely is changing! Since we started almost four years ago we see more and more customers wanting to use hydroponics for their own gardens to feed their families. I personally love it, the production of food is so much quicker than soil!

  • Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill

    Yes, I have seen gardeners produce loads of food repeatedly with their hydroponic systems. As far as the stigma goes, hydroponic growing was so successful, people would use it to grow their own smoke, stealthily, before medical marijuana was legalized. With the laws changing and more people using this method for food production, I believe the stigma is rapidly fading.
    Wasn’t NASA the originator of the hydroponic concept, and for precisely the reasons given. It is ideal for any enclosed habitat, with access to light or power.

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