Keep Your Garden Alive in the Summer Heat


Keep Your Garden Alive in the Summer Heat

It’s that time of the year. Outside suddenly starts to feel like a sauna with temperatures continuing to rise as spring winds down and summer is fast-approaching. However, as a gardener, don’t fret about your garden. It is not the time to panic. Instead, keep your cool (no pun intended) with these simple tips and tricks that will help keep your garden alive and blooming during the hottest months of the year. First things first: don’t immediately rip out your plants that appear to be dead or wilting. Often times, your plants can recuperate during the night when the temperatures cool off. Just keep a closer eye on plants that look a little less than enthusiastic. You’ll be surprised at how often and how well seemingly “dying” plants revive themselves.

Watering: Watering is one of the most obvious and most important aspects of planting, and it can be a strategic opportunity to keep those plants alive and kickin’ during the hot, summer months. It’s important to water in the early morning and at night. This way the water won’t evaporate due to hot, humid temperatures and will thus remain on leaves longer. Make sure you are not over-watering, however, as this can drown roots and inhibit further damage. Along similar lines, make sure your soil has a good draining system.

Mulch: Mulch is another important aspect of outdoor gardening. Mulch holds moisture and will help keep your soil cool. A quality mulch has the ability to reduce watering needs by thirty percent as it adds a layer of protection that keeps plant roots cool. For a wallet-friendly alternative, try straw. It has similar characteristics to mulch and inhibits weed growth as well.

Sun Screens and Shade Covers: Sun screens and shade covers immediately reduce heat and high temperatures. Often they can reduce temperatures by up to fifteen degrees and act as breathable canopies. It’s important to be careful which fabric you choose for your covers because some block more light than others and can affect certain plants adversely. A fun way to provide shade is to use living plants or flowers as shade covers. They’re effective and a visually pleasing addition to your garden as well.

Other tips and tricks:

  • Mow the lawn often and set blades higher during dryer moments
  • Weed often to reduce disease and pest problems

    Indoor Plants: Remember, your indoor plants can be affected by the hot summer temperatures as well. Excessive use of lights and heat waves can easily raise temperatures inside without you realizing. Indoor plants don’t use root systems to stay cool, so it’s important to actively check the temperatures inside to keep your indoor plants alive. With these tips and tricks we hope to get you in the right direction to keep your garden thriving and cool during these upcoming hot, summer months.  Keep in mind, certain plants grow better during the summer. Good luck and happy planting!

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