Apartment Gardening


Apartment Gardening

If you’re a garden lover but live in a little apartment, there are ways to garden that work for even the tiniest living situations. Yes, a big yard with tons of space to garden is ideal, but it’s not realistic for everyone’s lifestyles. It is possible to maximize a small space. Sometimes space, land, and money are not available, so we’re here to tell you how you can create a wonderfully flourishing vegetable garden right within your small, cozy apartment.

Where to start? Before you even decide what to plant there are various factors that go into establishing your gardening plan. First, make sure your landlord allows you to plant in your apartment. There’s no need to get kicked out of your place for starting a garden. Second, make sure safety is taken into consideration. Wherever you decide to garden, you need enough room for walking through.

Next, you have to decide where you want to plant. There are a bunch of different places within your apartment that planting is possible. Try the fire escape where you can fit containers in the landing. If you have handrails, you can hang DIY plant bottles for an innovative, urban look. Ideally, a balcony or patio works well as they get the most direct sunlight. For the ambitious gardener, try vertical gardening on your walls within your apartment. If you have windowsills, you can plant using boxes. For the lucky ones on the bottom floor with a yard, utilize that space!

Once you’ve decided where you want to plant your herbs and vegetables, it’s time to determine how much sunlight is needed. This can be done simply by observing and monitoring. Go outside for a couple minutes every few hours and write down how much sunlight hits the areas you would like to use for gardening. Once you get a feel of how much direct sunlight is hitting the outside area, you can decide what to plant.

Time to buy the goods: If you’re new to apartment gardening, don’t dive in to the tough stuff. Start with an herb garden. Basil is a great herb to plant. Also, leafy greens such as spinach, arugula, lettuce, etc work well. Work up to vegetables like tomatoes and peppers. Whatever you decide to plant, make sure they work well together as this is a big factor in how healthy your plants grow. Purchase everything you need from pots to potting soil to containers. We also recommend buying seedlings rather than seeds because they are much easier to get started growing in a small, less lit area.

Remember, you have to prepare for everything. Apartment gardening brings about different kinds of pests that can harm your plants. Also, make sure you read up on watering, spacing, and everything else that goes into the process to know exactly how to best get the plants thriving that you choose. Apartment gardening is fun and leaves room for a new, greener form of décor, so good luck and happy planting!

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