Why You Should Have Living Walls


Why You Should Have Living Walls

Living walls are becoming a trend in both home and commercial décor, and it really is something that we should all jump on the bandwagon for. Besides the fact that they look awesome, living walls add a sense of extra life and beauty into any room. The look of a living wall is different, and it is a unique way of having plants indoors.


This design fad is amazing, and it’s not just for hotel lobbies anymore. They have become increasingly popular and are becoming more common in residential homes and apartment buildings, especially in cities where space is limited. Living walls offer a refreshingly green space experience that functions as living wall art while providing all the benefits of nature. Incorporating a living wall into your home is the best way to keep up with your indoor gardening hobby.  

Benefits of living green walls There are many benefits that come with having a living green wall in your home, a major one being that it can improve air quality. There are countless toxins that can be in the air in your home, from gases from the kitchen to the pollution that comes from the outdoors. Having a living wall can combat these pollutants! The large amounts of plants that come with living walls will give you cleaner air in rooms. You can consider a living green wall as your own very personal natural air filtration system.   Another benefit of living green walls is that it can reduce energy costs and noise levels. Living green walls can provide shade from the effects of direct sunlight. Plant surfaces don’t store up solar energy like brick or concrete, but instead reflect it; so both interior and exterior living walls help to actively cool the air, reducing the need to cool the room.


In our modern society, image is a big deal. Everyone is caught up in the trends and what looks good, and living green walls are an actual trend that is so much more than just being cool. Nothing beats nature for beauty and living walls bring you just that. A well-designed, flourishing green wall can drastically improve a building’s appearance, adding color and texture.  

Where to put a living wall You can put a living wall up on any available wall space in your home. You can even have multiple ones throughout several rooms in your home. Each wall can be different and specifically designed, using different varieties of plants which can vary in color, growth and flower to create living art. Living green walls are the perfect alternative to your classic framed art piece or plant garden in your backyard.   Put a living garden in the kitchen, and fill it with plants you can snip off regularly and put in your cooking! There are so many different uses for a living wall that it’s amazing we didn’t think about this sooner. These walls will fill your life with benefits you never imagined.


Maintaining your green wall will be critical to its survival, so make sure that you have the time and feel up for that challenge. Most green walls are designed with a drip-irrigation system, which maximizes the use of water and is set up using an automated system that times the irrigation to minimize water waste. This is the most critical time for green walls, especially the first few months. It’s essential to get the irrigation and its timing right. Our reputation and that of our clients’ is at stake so it’s important for everyone involved to ensure the plants don’t fail.   If you can maintain and upkeep your wall as much as possible, you will have an amazing living work that can live up to 25 years. If you’re up for this challenge, you should definitely start now.

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