How To Grow Your Own Pumpkins For Fall


How To Grow Your Own Pumpkins For Fall

Nothing screams Fall like pumpkins. As soon as the first crisp cool breeze hits its pumpkin everything; pumpkin spiced this, pumpkin spiced that. The Fall season pretty much revolves around pumpkins. There are so many pumpkin activities like pumpkin carving or painting, going to a pumpkin patch, cooking up some delicious pumpkin delights and so on. Halloween and Thanksgiving really celebrate the pumpkin and it seems like most everyone is along for the pumpkin craze. So why not get on the pumpkin bandwagon and take it even further and start growing your own pumpkins!   Whether you grow them for carving or cooking, pumpkins will never disappoint. Growing a pumpkin is easy, fun and rewarding. Growing pumpkins isn't nearly as hard as some instructions on the back of seed packets make it sound. Get some great information below on how you can grow your own perfect pumpkin patch.   *Note that it can take an average of about 3 months to grow pumpkins so you will have to plan accordingly for next Fall  

Types of Pumpkins If you want the best pumpkin for cooking into some delicious pies, Baby Pam pumpkins are probably the best pumpkin for that! If you want to grow pumpkins for carving amazing Jack-O-Lanterns, a good variety to start with would be Connecticut Field or Howden. Or if you would like to grow a miniature variety of pumpkins, try Jack-Be-Littles. These pumpkins listed above are excellent beginner choices for anyone wanting to try out growing them in their own garden.  

Where to Plant Seeds are essential to growing the best pumpkins. If the seeds are well taken care of they can last for several years. Try to purchase seed that is the exact variety you want and not a generic seed like you sometimes find at big box stores or bargain seed at drugstores.   If you are in climate with a short growing season than you might need to start your seeds indoors, and then transplant them once the weather picks up again. If you can start your seeds outdoors that would be the ideal place to start. Choose an area that is open and gets full sun. The vines on a pumpkin can get quite long and they need room to grow. This doesn't mean you have to have a big yard or a farm but just a larger area for you to be able to grow.  

How to Plant Plant your seeds 1 - 2 inches deep. If you take good care of your pumpkin patch your seeds should sprout in 7 - 10 days. Once your seedlings sprout, adding additional compost around the plant would be great for your pumpkins. The compost will help to keep weeds down and help to retain moisture. If you don't have compost, don't fret, pumpkin vines are pretty resilient and can do without it. Keep it simple and keep it fun.   Pumpkins are mostly water so watering is a very important part to helping these pumpkins grow. Only water the pumpkins when needed, check the soil—if the moisture is good there is no need to water. Just keep your eyes on your patch and water when needed and you’ll have beautiful pumpkins growing in no time. Once your pumpkins are fully matured you’ll be ready for any and all pumpkin activities.

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