3 Impressive Rooftop Gardens


3 Impressive Rooftop Gardens

Rooftop gardening has been around for quite some years now, with vibrant and impressive displays springing up across the globe. Rooftop gardens are set up for diverse reasons – all of which provide significant benefits.


Usually, they are established using green roofs, hydroponics, aeroponics, or container gardening. Whether you intend on growing a few fresh herbs on the tiny roof of your apartment complex or you have a vision to transform a building roof completely, rooftop gardening is quite the craze.


Some of the benefits of these impressive structures include:

• Simply stated, rooftop gardens add an attractive, decorative display to any building top.

• Rooftop gardens provide fresh local vegetables and herbs. They help promote and grow healthy, strong communities.

• Rooftop gardens help lower air temperatures by reducing heat-trapping surfaces.

• Rooftop gardens reduce air pollution, improving the quality of air for everyone.

• Rooftop gardens provide a habitat for wildlife.

• Rooftop gardens are energy-efficient and help lower heating/cooling bills.

• Rooftop gardens provide a place for entertainment – from dinner parties to wedding ceremonies.


This practice has brought about plenty of awe-inspiring rooftop gardens around the world that are worthy of praise. We’ve settled on three of our favorite rooftop gardens that are worth visiting or researching further.


1.Brooklyn Grange

Located in New York City, Brooklyn Grange is the world’s largest rooftop soil farm, extending throughout two roofs for an impressive 43,000 square feet. This garden was established in six days, back in 2010 by a dedicated team who had a clear goal in mind – to grow food for the community in an eco-friendly, space-saving manner. And that they did. They grow over 50,000 lbs of organically-cultivated produce per year, provide urban farming and green roof consulting to clients worldwide, host awareness conventions, and provide a place for wonderful, romantic situations come nightfall. Their efforts to make New York City a more sustainable environment have not gone unnoticed.


2.Vancouver Convention Center

The Vancouver Convention Center is committed to being environmentally and socially responsible. They are certainly doing so with a six-acre green roof that features over 25 local plant species. It is the 10th largest green roof in the world, helping to regulate temperatures for the busy building, providing a home for wildlife, and producing fresh food for the center’s culinary center.



The Waldspirale, located in Germany, is one of the coolest looking buildings we’ve ever seen. Waldspirale literally translates to “forest spiral” and that’s exactly what this residential building is. The building itself has a bunch of quirky yet environmentally-friendly characteristics about it. You can expect to find a diagonal green roof, living trees growing from windows, gilded onion domes, and a hodgepodge of windows and doors. Though fascinating to look at, we’re more impressed with the fresh shrubs, grass, flowers, and trees grown here.

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