Benefits of LED Grow Lights


 Benefits of LED Grow Lights

As you are most likely aware, the right grow lights are crucial to plant growth – you can meticulously set up your hydroponic system but without light, it doesn’t really matter. Most indoor growers today still use HID and large, incandescent lights for their indoor growing applications, but times are changing, and technology continues to improve LED lighting products. LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights are extremely efficient and long-lasting, and thanks to these advances in technology, no longer are they just used in flashlights or cell phones. LED lights are a powerful tool in the hydroponics and urban farming and can revolutionize the way we grow. Let’s look at some specific advantages of LED lights.

  • Space Efficient.LED lights are extremely space-efficient. Other lighting systems take over a room, requiring a lot of space and other equipment that enable them to run properly. LED lights free up space in a room which allows you to move about freely and better tend to your plants. No need to search for a large space indoors – LED lights are quite tiny.
  • Power Efficient.LED lights are extremely powerful, producing a ton of light without using much power at all. Though they cost more than conventional bulbs, the long term savings are incomparable. LED lights use up to 60% less electricity to produce light than incandescent and halogen bulbs.
  • Temperature.Keeping rooms at the right temperature is a crucial component to indoor growing. It’s easy to lose your plants in a room that is too hot. While other lighting systems require ballasts and cooling systems, LED lights are self-contained. They emit way less heat and run at a temperature that is considered “warm” rather than other bulbs that can teeter on 400-500 degrees. They produce heat without projecting heat.
  • Long Lifespan.LED lights have an extremely long lifespan. While other bulbs might last between six months to a year, LED lights can last up to ten years before needing to be replaced. Imagine being able to grow without worrying about changing your bulbs every couple of months! The advantages to LED lights are endless, and we are seeing them increase in popularity at rocket speed due to the highly-efficient capabilities. In fact, LED lighting is projected to reach $30 billion by 2025. The flexibility in design and technology will stimulate plant growth while providing you with huge energy savings, so we suggest that you invest.

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