Last Minute Gift Ideas for that Gardener in your Family


Last Minute Gift Ideas for that Gardener in your Family

Shopping for that gardener in your family can be quite difficult at times. Maybe even harder than the hunter or outdoor enthusiasts in the family. No worries though, we've got you covered! Here are some last minute gift ideas for that gardener in your family.

For the Indoor Gardener -

The GroXcess Green 5 Watt LED Bulb is a great gift for any indoor gardener since it allows them to see and work in their garden while the plants are "sleeping". Since it is an LED bulb it uses very little energy and is still pretty bright! It also has a medium socket base to screw into any standard light fixture or lamp. Price - $21.99

Rope Ratchets are always a great option since you can never have too many! Use them to hang light fixtures, filters, or just about anything else that you want to hang. The 2-pack set supports up to 75 lbs each/150 lbs total. Price - $10.50

It never hurts to have a spare grow light bulb lying around for the off-chance their light goes out. Plus, they'll be sure to remember you when you save their garden! All you need to know is the wattage they use, and possibly the spectrum (if in doubt, go with High Pressure Sodium). We recommend an Ushio bulb due to the great spectrum and quality manufacturing. Prices vary.

Trimming supplies – Because it never hurts to have extra/backup scissors or hand cleaners. Heck, if you have a bigger budget just about any gardener that does trimming and processing would love a TrimStation package! Prices vary on trimming supplies. TrimStation package price - $159.99.

If things are getting a little stinky, Funk Fighter bags feature a charcoal liner to absorb odors. Funk Fighter bags vary in size from the petite pocket bag that can attach to a keychain to the hefty Funk Fighter XL gym bag. Great for storing stinky herbs or trimming equipment, as well as the stinky gym rat teenager! Funk Fighter prices - $9.99 – $99.99.

For the Gardener who hasn't done indoor gardening yet –

If the gardener in your family hasn't gotten into indoor gardening, start them off with something simple like the Super Starter Propagation Kit. The kit includes a dome, tray, 72-site tray insert, heating mat, and cloning gel. Don't forget the starter plugs to fill it and a heat mat thermostat doesn't hurt either. Prices - Propagation Kit - $38.99, Heat Mat Thermostat - $34.99, Root Riot cubes 100 pack - $27.99.

Starter lighting like the Pioneer Jr. fixtures are another great gift idea. It can be used in conjunction with the propagation supplies above too! The Pioneer Jr. II is a great buy for those wanting to start small and will easily accommodate and light up a Super Starter Propagation Kit. If you're looking for something a little larger the Pioneer Jr. IV can fit two propagation trays or several smaller plants underneath it's footprint. Prices – Pioneer Jr II - $79.99, Pioneer Jr. IV - $99.99.

Plant Seeds are another great idea. Know a plant that your gardener favors? Try a different variety (variety is the spice of life!) of that plant to pique their interest. Prices – Seed packets - $2.79-$5.99.

Whether they are a gardener or not, everyone loves great storage glassware. VioLiv jars are made from specialty Miron glass which has a purple-ish violet hue. The light blocking glass is said to keep herbs fresh and enhance the vitality of organic goods stored within. Awesome! VioLiv prices - $9.99 – 21.99.  

Have a happy and safe holidays!



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