About CO2 Generators


About CO2 Generators

Balancing levels of carbon dioxide in an indoor garden environment is one of the best ways to accelerate plant growth. Most studies show increases of up to 35% on fruit and flower production in plants grown with supplemental CO2. Many greenhouses make use of propane or natural gas CO2 Generators to boost levels safely and economically. As our fellow gardening enthusiasts know, a grow room’s air current and quality is just as important to our precious plants as light, water, nutrients and heat. Proper ventilation will remove excess heat and humidity and keep plants happy with a healthy supply of CO2.

Automated contorllers keep CO2 conditions at the perfect level for your plants and they will reward you with bountiful produce. With each environmental factor that gets tuned in to the correct range, the plant growth will become that much more healthy and robust.

Boosting CO2 levels encourages plant life to use extra water and fuel, which dramatically increases growth rates. The beauty of hydroponics and other indoor gardening systems is the control growers can exercise over our environments. Outside CO2 levels range from around 300 to 600 ppm, but plants can actually make use of much more than that. In a grower-managed environment, CO2 levels can be raised to a level of
1000-2000 ppm.—which means plants grow faster and produce more bounty, whether fruit or flowers.

With excess CO2 in the atmosphere, heat is healthy. Increased temperatures help boost botanical respiration systems, upping metabolism in order to accommodate all the extra carbon dioxide. Plants in a carbon-boosted environment use CO2 to form sugars, which results in increased growth and production. Pure oxygen is the by-product of this process—and humidity increases with respiration rates. Outdoor gardens are open, therefore free to breathe and typically dry, but enclosed gardens with boosted CO2 levels produce more moisture and are consequently susceptible to rots and fungi. When employing CO2 generators, moisture control measures such as vent fans should always be used in tandem to maintain appropriate humidity levels.

Most CO2 Generators create CO2 as a by-product of burning propane or natural gas. These are built to run off either liquid propane tanks or a natural gas line. Generally, because natural gas lines are readily available in most modern buildings, natural gas models is are more popular among growers. Instead of needing to frequently refill propane tanks, natural gas lines can be extended and hooked up to power generators. Remember, when enriching a grow room with CO2, the grower’s goal is to produce just enough to carbon dioxide to enhance plant growth, but not so much that CO2 gets wasted or over-humidifies the garden space. Automation can help keep all vital levels in check.

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