Gardens In Tight Spaces


Gardens in Tight Spaces

If you’ve been putting off gardening due to limited space, now’s your time to get planting! Not everyone has a spacious backyard or ample open space around their home. If you’re a city dweller, this is clearly something you’re very familiar with being surrounded by concrete structures and asphalt. There are many creative ways you can grow plants in small spaces. Plant colorful flowers to brighten your day or tasty herbs to flavor your culinary masterpieces, even in seemingly tiny, impossible spots.


Unique Gardens For Yards

Even if you have a small yard, you may be lucky enough to have a little green patch in your back or front yard. If you have a little space to play and grow with, here are some fun options for you to perfect your green thumb:


Atop A Doghouse

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It may seem strange, but why not let Fido go green? It's a little bit of real estate that many people may not think to utilize but it's available for herbs and flowers alike.


In A Potted Shelf On Your Patio

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This spot is fairly straightforward, but you can easily stack pots in a unique way to optimize your space. Think vertically rather than horizontally in terms of where your plants will exist on the shelving space you have available.


In A Bench

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Let your sitting space double as your growing space! Not only will this add visual interest to your outside patio space, it will maximize garden space and with the right plants will smell wonderful as you sit outside. 


Unique Gardens For Tight Spaces

If you’re limited on greenery around your home, try one of these methods:


Up The Wall

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Ivy is a common sight in many neighborhoods and adds visual interest and warmth to a home, but it can also damage your exterior walls. Ensure that the plants you use for this method are not going to damage your home before growing vines on your walls by speaking with a plant specialist first.


Between Walking Pavers

Even city dwellings oftentimes have walking pavers either on a small patio space or out in front of the house leading up to the door. If you have these pavers, take advantage of this small area of opportunity by adding a little greenery to the gaps. 


On  A Flat Roof

Rooftops get ample sunlight and are great spots for gardens if the surface is flat. For people who live in city flats on upper stories of buildings, this method may be the only way to inject a little greenery into your home life. 


Hanging In The Air

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Hanging plants is a great way to optimize space! You can even utilize indoor space near windows to allow your plants to get enough light while injecting a little color into your home.

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