Superoots Air Pots


The Superoots Air Pots

The Superoots Air Pots a recyclable, reusable plastic container that encourages the healthy development of root systems for the plants it contains—and there’s good reason they’re all the rage. These innovative growing containers are life-savers. In a standard growing pot, roots are not permitted to grow in healthy formations. Instead, they facilitate what’s called ‘root circling,’ which—just as it sounds—is a growth pattern in which roots twist and twirl around the inside of the pot, effectively suffocating each other. These circling roots usually end up against a pot wall, meaning they don’t make use of most of the soil or other media in which they’re planted. This also puts roots at risk of burning if the sun heats up their container enough. Especially in woody plants, this can mean a slow death sentence.

These awesome products work by stopping the root tip at the wall, forcing root branching instead of encouraging circling roots. Their specially configured holes and protuberances form root-directing channels that aid in healthy growth and development. Air Pots are textured like an egg carton, so there are no flat surfaces off of which roots may be deflected to start the spiraling process. Inward-pointing cones direct roots towards adjacent outward-pointing protrusions where air density in the soil is high enough to dehydrate the roots’ tip-cells, resulting in the process for which these pots are named: air pruning. To compensate for a perceived ‘loss,’ the plant sends out more roots, creating a dense and fibrous radial root system for itself rather than suffering through root circling.

Superoots Air Pots also make plant transfers easier! When roots are prevented from adhering to pot edges and conducted down the proper channels, they slide out when the plant is removed instead of needing to be cut away. Check it out!


You can try Superoots Air Pots in any size from Rogue Hydro. Click here to browse!

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