After School Hydroponics


After School Hydroponics

The school year has begun. Kiddos around the country are gathering their lunch boxes and trudging off to another year of learning math, English, history, and science--but in addition to the core curriculum, many schools are now implementing afterschool programs that incorporate engaging hands-on projects to keep children interested in unlocking the mysteries of the world. One way kids are being drawn into natural science is through gardening. Gardening not only teaches kids about the life cycle of plants, it also instills a sense of responsibility for keeping plants alive and healthy.

Traditional gardens require in-ground space, tools and getting dirty. This isn't exactly ideal for a school setting, which is why some schools are turning to hydroponic gardens for learning purposes. In a clean, controlled environment, kids are exposed to the very basic chemistry of plant growth and learn practices that can be implemented in many climates. With children mixing their own nutrients they get introduced to the chemical process of gardening in a more tangible way than through soil mixtures. Being able to grow in many climates provides access to hands-on garden learning that otherwise might not be available in certain areas.


S.H.A.R.P., The Super Hydroponic Awesome Radish Project, devised a lesson plan specifically for teachers to implement in school settings. The lessons are broken down into sections to introduce kids to what hydroponic growing is, to design an experiment for growing, to mix the nutrient solution, and to implement the experiment and watch the growing happen.

We are so excited to see the next generation delve into hydroponic gardening with the keen interest it deserves. Good on you, program developers!

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