Benefits of Indoor Plants


Benefits of Indoor Plants

Houseplants can mean more than just decor. You can use mini-hydroponics not only to have fresh herbs in your kitchen, at your fingertips, but to reap the benefits listed below.

Having plants inside means cleaner air because they eliminate some airborne contaminants--like volatile organic compounds benzene and trichloroethylene--from the air. These contaminants are known to contribute to ailments like headaches and nausea. A greener home means you can put down the painkillers because cleaner, fresher air means fewer headaches. Tuck away the tissues and cold medicines too, because indoor plants have been shown to reduce instances of cold related illness by up to 30%!


Studies also indicate that caring for a living thing like a houseplant can curb minor depression and loneliness. Gardening is therapeutic, both indoors and out. It can make you feel calmer and more optimistic. Patient-subjects in the hospital recovered more quickly when they had a garden view in their room as opposed to just a wall. Because plants clear out the CO2 in your home and breathe out oxygen, you'll feel more alert and energized--and by extension, more creative and inspired. Increases in oxygen levels in your home also aid in proper sleep!

Indoor gardening starts a chain reaction of good feelings. You'll sleep better so you'll be more mentally adept and get sick less frequently so you'll feel better so you'll sleep better! Introducing plants to your home environment can make a huge difference in your quality of life.

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