Hawaiian Bud & Bloom vs. Hawaiian Bud and Bloom


Hawaiian Bud & Bloom vs. Hawaiian Bud and Bloom


Hawaiian Bud & Bloom vs. Hawaiian Bud and Bloom


So, we’ve recently run into a bit of confusion regarding Grow More’s Hawaiian Bud and Bloom products. Yes, products. You see, there are two products from Grow More that are both named Hawaiian Bud and Bloom. Both have an NPK of 5-50-17, and both come in cylindrical 1.5 lb. canisters (and other sizes). However, one retails for roughly $8-$10 and the other retails for roughly $14 (in the 1.5 lb. size). This came to our attention when a customer returned the higher retail product, saying they could get it for cheaper elsewhere. Confusion ensued, and a research mission was assigned. Yes, other stores carried Hawaiian Bud and Bloom for significantly cheaper. No, it was not the same product.

At first, we thought it was the same product, just very, very old. Like, potentially 14 years old. We were certain that when the customer opened the container, he would need an ice pick to chip bits off. A quick email to a Grow More representative assured us that this was not the case. However, the customer still might not be completely happy with what he ended up purchasing.

According to the people at Grow More, the “tiki face” version of Hawaiian Bud and Bloom (it has a tiki face on the label) has been upgraded. While it has the same NPK and micro affect, the “tiki face” includes:

  1. No Dye
  2. Added Carbohydrates (Molasses)
  3. Amino Acid (which changed the smell of the nutrients) and organic acids
  4. Added Calcium
  5. Added Magnesium
  6. Change of Iron – When using these products in an alkaline soil condition, the EDTA Iron is not readily available at the end of the plant production.  Therefore, the Iron has been changed to an EDDHA Iron (more costly and available to the plant all the way through the cycle).
  7. 43 stabilized organic and in-organic elements essential to plant growth
  8. Correctly balanced cationic and anionic charged plant nutrients
  9. Organic nitrogen bonded colloidal humic and fulvic acid
  10. Stable organic mineral complex

So, there you have it. While the other version is supposedly great for flowers, the “tiki face” is what you want for your medicinal plants. You learn something new every day.

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