Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Indoor Gardener In Your Family


Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Indoor Gardener

In Your Family

Shopping for the gardener in your family can be difficult at times. No worries; we’ve got you covered! Here are some last minute gift ideas for that gardener in your family.

Instantly convert your favorite baseball cap into a working Hat Light! The Gro1 Green LED Clip-on Hat Light slides onto the bill of any baseball style hat and features 5 green high-intensity LED bulbs which won't disrupt plant growth cycles and 2 light modes, all flashing or all on. It measures 3 inches wide and comes with two CR2016 batteries. Price -- $8.99

Trimming supplies:

It never hurts to have backup scissors, hand cleaners, and scissor lube.

The Sunleaves Titanium Pruner is a compact and ultra-light pruner that includes a holster and features fine-tip titanium blades, spring-action assistance, an ergonomic grip suited for left or right-handed cutting, and a safety locking feature. The Sunleaves Titanium Pruner is a great option for delicate houseplants, flowers, bonsai trees, vegetables, fruits and herbs. Price -- $13.99

Fast Green Hand Clean is a unique, all-natural, certified organic hand cleaner that allows you to rid your hands of almost any sticky substance without soap and water.  And it’s not just for hands! This miracle cleaner has also been proven safe and effective for cleaning the grime from the strings and neck of guitars, and it also works well on glassware and pipes. Price -- 4 FL ounces for $14.99

Quick Snip Trimmer Lubricant is ideal for use on snips, shears, and automated trimmers. Safe for use with live plants, your cuttings will benefit from a sterile blade surface that reduces the risk of infection and shock. Quick Snip also makes cleanup easier and less frequent and protects your cutting equipment from corrosion while not in use. Price – 4 ounces for $19.99

Measuring supplies:

The MixSure+ Pint Glass measures up to 16 ounces of liquid nutrients, pesticides, fungicides and more in cups, ounces, milliliters, teaspoons and tablespoons. This high-quality measuring glass is made in the USA. Price -- $7.50

This Sunleaves Shot Glass is a great stocking stuffer for gardeners who need a way to measure small amounts (up to 1 ounce) of liquids. Manufactured in America, these glasses are well-made and accurate. Price -- $3.50

Seeds are another great stocking stuffer for gardeners. Renee’s Garden offers a wide variety of non-GMO seeds, including heirloom and organic options. Tested and guaranteed for every major US climate zone, these are seeds that any home gardener is sure to love. Prices vary

Storage jars:

The Ball® Decorative Jar’s 1-gallon size is perfect for dry storage, crafting and decoration (also available in pint, quart, and ½ gallon). Price -- $19.99

Deep purple VioLiv Jars allow growers to attractively store their herbs and other botanicals while simultaneously protecting the contents from destructive light. Made in Switzerland, these jars improve aromas, increase potency, and extend shelf-life. Available in a variety of sizes. Prices -- $9.99 to $21.99

Available for use with HPS or LED fixtures, Grow1 GRUVE (Grow Room Ultra Violet Eliminators) glasses reduce exposure to potentially harmful radiation that can lead to eye discomfort. Protection and style are combined in these affordable Grow Room Glasses. Price -- $19.99

Finally, if you want to encourage your gardener to share the wealth, The Clone Shipper Classic plant packaging holds clones and young live plants securely in place during transit. A LED light keeps the plant thriving and growing throughout shipping while the plant shipping packaging allows the plant to breathe and continue to grow during shipment. Price -- $9.99

Happy Holiday!

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