Blacksmith Bioscience Forge and Nitryx are here!


Blacksmith Bioscience Forge and Nitryx are here!


Blacksmith Bioscience Forge

Many growers were saddened when Actinovate disappeared for the market. Luckily we now have a solution! From the creators of the original Actinovate comes Blacksmith Bioscience's Forge. While it is a different formulation and bacteria strain, Forge is a similar product and will perform just as well as the original. 

For growers not familiar with the product, Forge is a microbial product used to help plant nutrition by chelating unavailable compounds and assists with nutrient uptake. It can also reduce fertilizer usage due to improved nutrient uptake. A special patented strain of Streptomyces nigrescent makes Forge quite a unique product. This product is used in the commercial fertilizer regimen for many farms. 

However, we do have some bad news. Supplies of Forge are currently very limited and we don't expect them to last very long. For the time being Blacksmith Bioscience has proactively stopped production on Forge due to possible legal issues with the company that bought and shelved the original Actinovate. While Forge is a separate product, they have to ensure they have the green light from the lawyers before they continue production.


Blacksmith Bioscience Nitryx

Blacksmith Bioscience Nitryx is a nitrogen fixing bacteria used to improve soils and allows for a reduction in nitrogen use while preventing nitrogen run-off in the environment. Basically the microorganism pulls nitrogen from the atmosphere into the soil and allows the plant to uptake the nitrogen. This same process is why legumes are used for nitrogen fixing soils in agriculture. 

Nitryx is currently available, and unlike Forge, is in production and will be readily available whenever you need it. This product can be added to any fertilizer regimen or garden size for improved results. Improve your garden in a new way and give them a try! 


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