Is Hawthorne Gardening Buying Hydrofarm?


Is Hawthorne Gardening Buying Hydrofarm?

The latest industry rumor is that Scotts' Miracle Gro's Hawthorne Gardening Company is preparing to buy Hydrofarm, one of the larger distributors of indoor gardening and hydroponic supplies. With Hawthorne's recent purchases of companies in our industry, General Hydroponics/Vermicrop, Gavita, and Botanicare, we aren't surprised to hear the latest rumored purchase and expect to see an announcement later this year. 

So how true are these rumors? We'd say there is a significant chance of it coming to fruition as the information has come from multiple reliable sources. We've even heard that Hydrofarm is cleaning up and preparing their accounting as if they are preparing to be sold. Only time will tell...


What does this mean for our industry?

Larger corporations coming into our industry has been inevitable as laws change across the U.S., and the fastest way to enter an industry and gain ground is purchasing an existing company. There's always a company willing to sell out when they see the dollar signs. While we don't imagine we'll see much change initially, I'd expect them to behave more like their parent company over time when it becomes no longer as beneficial to pretend to care like our industry does and as original and starting employees are replaced. Honestly, I'm sure they have some great caring people right now, but what will be the vision in 10 years? But that's years from now. 


There still are many other options for growers and you don't have to buy Hawthorne products if you don't want to. As for Hydrofarm, as of this writing it is still just a rumor and Hydrofarm is still privately owned. If the acquisition does occur we'll keep you updated, as well as provide you with other options if you prefer not to purchase Hawthorne Gardening products (side note: we are NOT a Hydrofarm dealer so you're safe). Just keep showing your support by buying from independent companies!



Update: While we haven't officially heard either way, we've heard rumors that the buyout isn't happening. So for now Hydrofarm brands should be safe to buy for any Hawthorne boycotters. 

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