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General Hydroponics pH Test Kit


$4.50 $7.50
Hanna pHep pH Tester HI98107

pH Meter

$35.99 $59.99
Hanna Waterproof EC/TDS Tester

PPM Meter

$74.99 $124.99
HM Digital EC/TDS HydroTester, COM-80

PPM Meter

$23.99 $39.99
Hydrion pH Test Papers

pH Test Papers

$4.19 $6.99
Luster Leaf Rapitest Mini 4-in-1 Tester

Soil Tester

$10.19 $16.99

pH and EC/TDS are one of the most important parts of a high performance garden. Improper pH can lead to poor or no nutrient uptake if your pH is too high or low. Ensuring your pH is within the proper zone for your plant will pay for itself. EC/TDS tells you how much salts or nutrients are in your soil. A high ppm or EC reading means there is a lot of fertilizer or salts in the media while a low reading means there isn't much. Too high of a ppm reading and your plant will begin to burn and nutrients will lock out and too low of a reading and your plant may not have enough fertilizer. 

We carry a variety and brands of pH and PPM meters to meet your needs. We have portable handheld pH, ppm meters and combo meters, Mountable meters for permanent applications, truncheons, wireless meters, and more. Whether this is a hobby or commercial farm we have the equipment for you!