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Earn points while you shop!

Welcome to Rogue Rewards!

Join Rogue Rewards to earn points while you shop! Membership is free, simply sign up to start earning today. Every customer who wants to join can. Points never expire and can be accumulated until you decide to redeem them. 

Rogue Reward Points can be redeemed for any item in our store. Since your points never expire you can accumulate them and never have to worry about losing points. Get started today by signing up for free and get 100 points for signing up! 


How to Earn Points

Easily earn points by:

  • Registering an account: 100 Points
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 spent
  • Bonus Points Items and Promotions


How to Redeem Points

Each product page will tell the number of points it takes to redeem. Our Rogue Reward Points usually redeem at a ratio of 1 to 50, although specific items or promotions may earn better ratios which will be noted on the item or promotion page. For example, a $10 item would be 500 Rogue Reward Points


Rogue Rewards Retail Store Program

If you shop at our physical retail store you can take advantage of our Rogue Rewards program as well. Signing up is easy - just enter you phone number while you checkout to be automatically enrolled. Whenever you shop just enter your phone number at the checkout counter and you'll automatically earn rewards for that purchase. Rewards can be redeemed at any time on any purchase and never expire.

Currently our Website and Retail Store reward programs are separate, rewards from one program will not automatically work for the other. However, if you wish to convert your rewards from one to the other just let us know. 


Pre-2016 Rewards Program

If you were a Rogue Rewards member before April 2016 you will need to re-enroll. As our old program was just an automated discount that was automatically applied, rather than an accumulated reward, there is nothing that needs to be ported over. 

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