Botanicare Clearex, 1 Quart

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Botanicare Clearex, 1 Quart

Topnotch Salt Leaching And Pre-harvest Flushing Solution

  • Designed to remove nutrient salt deposits in any grow media
  • Enhances flavor and production
  • Removes salt deposits gently without harming fine root hairs
  • Used in soils or soilless grow media

Botanicare Clearex 1 Quart, desalinates and detoxifies your plant. Clearex can be used on soil and soilless mediums. Salt can wreak havoc on your plants if left untreated. Clearex ensures that the osmotic conditions within your plant are stabilized and healthy.

Botanicare Clearex is also great for triggering the final reproductive stage of your plant's life cycle.


  • Volume: 1 Quart

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