Botanicare Fulvex, 1 Quart

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Botanicare Fulvex, 1 Quart

Significant Blend Of Trace Minerals That Increases Nutrient Uptake

  • OMRI Listed for use in organic crop production
  • Protects plants from stress
  • Mixes with all fertilizers
  • Promotes high quality yields
Botanicare Fulvex, 1 Quart increases the availability of nutrients and enhances mineral diffusion into root cells without the use of harsh chemicals. Fulvex is fortified with magnesium sulfate (a known plant catalyst) and a blend of over 72 trace minerals to maximize plants' growth and yield capacities.
Beneficial for both hydroponic and soil applications, Fulvex is designed to work as a low dose additive to organic or mineral-based nutrient feed formulas to enhance nutrient availability and increase mineral uptake.
  • Volume: 1 Quart

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