Cyco Dr. Repair, 5 Liters

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Cyco Nutrients Platinum Series Dr. Repair, 5L

The Best Protection & Restoration Of Your Plants' Chlorophyll

  • Treats chlorosis & other environmental stresses
  • Supports and helps in treatment of plant function and development
  • Use to treat yellowing from poor drainage, damaged roots, compacted roots, and high alkalinity
  • Sustains plants that have a lack of iron, one of the more common nutrient deficiencies

The Cyco Nutrients Platinum Series Dr. Repair has the best contents and solutions against chlorosis, a chlorophyll deficiency. It also restores chlorophyll and other environmental stresses that can harm your plants' growth. It uses a latest component in chlorophyll restoration to fight any deficiency of your plants. Keeping your plants healthy with the right nutrients can definitely help you reach your goals and be more productive.

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