Cyco Recovery Kit

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Cyco Platinum Series Recovery Kit

Improves Growth & Revitalizes Plants' Condition For Better Health

  • Revitalizes slow growing plants
  • Maximise plant growth potential
  • Get plants back to a healthy state

The Cyco Platinum Series Recovery Kit highlights three (3) products which can be used together as ongoing maintenance to aid the overall health of your seedlings and plants, or as a solution to any problems your garden might be displaying such as distress, disease or deficiencies.

It revitalizes plants after a period of stagnant growth, environmental stress or poor growing conditions. It can also be used to correct signs of disease or deficiency, or to supplement a nutrient regimen to keep plants at their healthiest.

Package Include:

  • Cyco B1 Boost
  • Cyco Dr Repair
  • Cyco Zyme

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