Cyco Silica, 1 Liter

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Cyco Platinum Series Silica, 1 Liter

Greater Tolerance to Environmental Stresses and Upgrades Growth Rate

  • Make plant stems strong enough to support full fruit
  • Helps to uptake available light
  • For hydroponic mediums, silica is essential
  • Contains non-plant food

Silica from Cyco upgrades the chlorophyll levels in your plants. Which means, the plants can adapt to conditions with less-than or more-than optimal amounts of sunlight and they also produce enzymes which help them make more efficient use of carbon dioxide (CO2)

Guaranteed Analysis for Silica:

  • 3% Soluble Potash (K2O)
  • Derived From: Potassium Silicate (Si)
  • Ingredients: 3% Silicon (Si) (Derived from Potassium Silicate)

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