Cyco Suga Rush, 1 Liter

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Cyco Platinum Series Suga Rush, 1 Liter

The Leading Root Stimulant For Rapid Growth & Healthier Plants

  • Boosts your plants bloom potential
  • Upgrades taste and aroma
  • Largest blooms
  • Bigger healthier fruit

The Cyco Platinum Series Suga Rush has all the combines essential gardening systems and vital nutrients that your plants need to bloom to their full potential. It also gives the right amount of phosphorus and potassium to help boost photosynthesis. It strengthens the root systems and assist in plants’ rapid growth with tolerance against stress. The Cyco Suga Rush enhances flowering and  make sure plants produce the biggest and best fruits they can.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • 0.5% Available Phosphate (P2O5)
  • 0.3% Soluble Potash (K2O)

Derived From:
Monopotassium Phosphate

Cyco Suga Rush, 1 Liter has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

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