Flo-n-Gro® Blue Bucket, 4 Gallon

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Flo-n-Gro® 4 Gallon Blue Bucket

The Flo-n-Gro® Blue Bucket features food grade plastic, safe for you and your plants. At 4 gallons, it has plenty of space to grow your favorite plants. It's unique space saving design makes it easy to fit into any room or system. Dimensions: 9.5 in W x 9.5 in L x 13.5 in D. Compatible with the Ebb & Flow 6 & 12 site Systems and Drip-n-Gro® System. Does not include 3/4 in grommet. Use with Tub Outlet Tee Fitting 3/4 in or 1/2 in sold separately. Works with Flo-n-Gro® 2 gallon and 3 gallon mesh inserts.

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