Mesh Bottom Round Pot, 6"

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Mesh Bottom Round Pot, 6"

Cleverly Crafted Mesh Bottom Pots

  • Made of resilient plastic material
  • Capable of holding large plants
  • Supports any growing media
  • Guaranteed durability and stability

Mesh Bottom Round Pot, 6", helps you if you can't decide between a standard net pot and a solid plastic nursery container. The resilient base of each container supports your plant and growing medium, while allowing roots to penetrate through.

These versatile 6" Mesh Bottom Pots are suitable for use indoors and out, and are particularly handy for hydroponic applications. These 6" Mesh Bottom Pots have a top inner diameter of approximately 6-inches.


  • Top Diameter (excluding lip): 6.25"
  • Top Diameter (including lip): 6.625"
  • Bottom Outer Diameter: 5.5"
  • Height: 6.5"

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