Air-Pot Spare Base - 3 Gal - Yellow

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Air-Pot Spare Base 3 Gallon, Yellow Base Replacement

Best Quality Base Substitute For Longer & Better Root Protection

  • Improve & Efficient production
  • Premium performance in all types of weather
  • Recycle-made HDPE plastic
  • Less overwatering

The Air-Pot Spare Base 3 Gallon replaces the missing or worn-out bases of your Air-Pot. The Air-Pot Spare Base will allow your container to work again as long as the wall and screw are still intact. The Air-Pot Spare Base can also be used as a replacement on other yellow base Air-Pots like the 7.5, 9, & 10 Liter sizes. Can also be used to replace older style radial "wagon wheel" yellow bases.

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