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Air-Pot Fixing Screws For Easy Replacement & Repair

Convenient Replacement Screws For Air-Pots

  • Replace screws for Air-Pot repair
  • Small: 1 Liter or .3 gallon propagation Air-Pots
  • Large: all other sizes

Air-Pot Fixing Screws comes with 5 Liter / 2 Gallon equivalent and below, require one screw. For sizes 3 Gallon and up to 7 Gallon require two fixing screws. For 10 gallon, 15 gallon, and DIY kits require 3 screws.

Air-Pot holes are facing outside. The center of the container will dry faster than in regular pots. Air-Pot requires constant watering. Add water slowly to ensure that the center is evenly and properly soaked.

 Assembly Instructions:

  • Wrap the side-wall into a cylinder.
  • Attach the 2 ends of the side-wall together using the supplied screw-in fixing.
  • Fill the pot with your plant and water thoroughly.


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